Structural Glazing

Practical and Luxurious

We offer an array of high-quality glass roof solutions that are both practical and luxurious.


Sleek. Stylish. Modern.

Our expertly designed and installed roofs add a touch of elegance to any residence — whether you are looking for a functional addition or an aspirational feature, our glazed roof options are a fantastic choice.



 A cutting-edge approach for creating amazing spaces

Ug 0.55

Triple Glazing Plus

Ug 0.75

Triple Glazing

Ug 1.00

Double Glazing

Benefits of natural light

Spaces with good daylight benefit from up to 40% gain in productivity



The devil is in the detail. We provide an end-to-end solution.

Solar Control Glass

Reduce radiant heat pass-through by 65%

Low Iron Glass

Increase light transmission and transparency — recommended for products with exposed glass edges (balustrades, beams)

Heat Soak Testing

Reduce the risk of spontaneous glass breakage — recommended for access restrictions

Screen Printing

Print borders, patterns or art onto the surface of the glass in high-resolution

Acoustic Glass

Increase the acoustic performance of glazing by using acoustic layers and interlayers

Artistic Interlayers

Incorporate fabrics or mesh into the body of the to create a unique artistic effect


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