Bushey - Fluid Glass


We extended this lovely end of terrace in Hertfordshire to create an open plan living space with uninterrupted views of the outdoors.


Sightlines and effortless sliding.

Employing the FD20 Sliding Door system—a prime example of minimalist elegance and one of the leading sliding door systems currently available—we skillfully expanded this charming end of terrace residence in Hertfordshire. Our vision was to establish a spacious open-plan living area with seamless connections to the outdoor landscape, allowing for uninterrupted views and an enhanced connection to nature

Given the home’s modern architectural style, the FD20 Sliding Door system impeccably aligned with the design aesthetic we sought to achieve. Its concealed outer frame and smooth sliding capabilities harmoniously integrated with the contemporary elements of the house, effortlessly merging interior and exterior spaces.

Our architectural team meticulously considered every aspect of the extension, ensuring that the open-plan living space would not only provide residents with a visually stunning environment but also offer practical functionality. The FD20 Sliding Door system proved to be the optimal solution in realizing our vision—a harmonious blend of minimalist design, exceptional craftsmanship, and comfortable living.


Connecting living spaces.

The refined framing of the door ingeniously crafted an indoor-outdoor living experience, even when the door remained closed. Upon opening the door, a seamless continuum between the kitchen and garden areas effortlessly emerged, magnifying the overall spatial coherence of the home. Generously sized, the door’s transparent frames allowed for a profusion of natural light to permeate the property, rendering the kitchen area both more expansive and luminous—hallmarks of thoughtful and well-executed architectural design.